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The Pinnacle Story

We founded Pinnacle in 2000 with the specific goal of creating a culture where client service really means something. Our inspiration came from the dwindling number of community-focused banks and the degradation of service that happens when they disappear. We strove to be a different kind of bank and built a business model from the ground up to provide a truly great client experience. 

For us, that means a lot more than just a friendly smile when you walk into an office. It’s about meeting your needs, easing your transactions and never pressuring you into a product or service. It’s fundamental to every action we take and how our company functions.

Here are a few ways we’ve removed the irritants people tell us they experience at other banks.

Experienced local professionals.

We recruit proven talent so you don’t have to work with trainees. And once they start serving you, we keep them here so you don’t have to explain your finances to a new advisor.


Accurate and proactive.

We can’t promise we’ll never make a mistake, but we do promise to be vigilant about finding, reporting and fixing problems. Your financial advisor will get to know you so well that he or she can offer products and services to meet your needs and improve your finances.


Local decision making.

Your advisor is empowered to make decisions at the local level, without having to ask permission from headquarters. This means no bureaucracy, hassles or long waits.

Relationship-based pricing.

We are focused on providing value, not on charging nuisance fees. Pricing is based on the breadth of our relationship with you.



Experience the Pinnacle difference when you contact us. If you have any questions about the information on this website, please check our frequently asked questions or reach out to us. When you call our offices, you get a real person on the phone, not a menu.